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Personal training

Take advantage of a  certified and extremely experimented personal trainer. I am Christophe knowledgeable about fitness training at the highest level, 


wherever you are : at home, outdoor, at the gym,  your hotel or yacht.


High end and exclusive services.

Certification and understanding of nutrition.


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Goals achievement

Whatever your goals are : 


weight loss, slimming, toning, weightlifting, bodybuilding, stretching, cardio, conditioning, wellness, health…


One on one or small group training, choose the best option that fits you.


Your personal trainer has the techniques and knowledge to achieve your goals.



Using both traditional techniques and new and innovative ones, I’ll find the most adapted program for you. The association of my knowledge and my experience is the guarantee of visible results.





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High end service

Because you are unique so is your personal trainer.

 Adapting to your desires accordingly to your willingness and availability 

7/7 from 6 am to 11pm, weekends and holidays.

Your trainer is equipped (weights, bands, mat) if needed.


Why having a personal trainer ?

A personal trainer is there to motivate you, to help you push your limits, to understand you, to adapt the exercise to your needs and physical characteristics. He follows you and guides you thanks to his knowledge and experience. he checks the execution of the exercise on a safe and anatomic way. He has the keys to success.

Where can I find my personal trainer ?

A Personal trainer near you, I come to you in MonacoCap d'AilEzeEze-sur-MerSaint-Jean-Cap-FerratBeaulieu-sur-MerVillefranche-sur-MerNiceSaint-Paul-de-VenceAntibesCannesMouginsValbonneVallauris. We have various places to train, at home, outdoor, at the gym, your hotel or yacht.


Capital Coaching is the top edge exclusive luxury service wherever you are:

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Private personal training on mega yacht in Saint-Tropez
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Exclusive personal training in exclusive villa in Villefranche-sur-Mer
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Personal training on mega yacht charter in Cannes

‘They made it, so you can do it’

Take the chance to achieve your goals with the help of a real professional personal trainer
“I’ve been training with Christophe for 4 years now, we alternate between training at home and training at the gym, working on every parts of my body essentially thighs, butt and abs. Motivating and innovating all by having fun” Nasim M. Cannes 
“I’ve known Christophe for 10 years, I travel a lot and my business is very stressful. I want to stay young and dynamic and maintain some muscles and stay fit, I work hard with Christophe at home in my gym. Without him I would have already given up and wouldn’t have this healthy lifestyle so important to succeed in life.” Bryan L. Monaco 
“Every year I come down to South of France on my boat and I am so glad to see Christophe to train me and my family too. In order to keep some balance during this summer season. He adapts to each of us according to our various and different requests.” Aya A. Cannes